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Carrot Seed and Tea Tree

Carrot seedTea treeCarrot seed essential oil is a great oil which helps in rebuilding. Tea Tree essential oil is known as the world’s most natural anti-bacterial and also has balsamic properties which will ease and sooth the chest and encourages the natural defences of the body. Tea Tree & Carrot seed Equioil essential oil blend is a wonderful for mites, itchy skin, mane & tail which in the Equioil hoof oil is effective for improving hoof quality.


LavenderLavender essential oil is a natural fly repellent and is a very effective calmer. Lavender is cellular renewal oil which encourages cellular renewal process thereby aiding the body to heal itself.


PeppermintPeppermint oil is a refreshing oil which helps with stiffness. Peppermint is possessed with “hot and cold”  properties and is a genuinely great oil that relaxes your horse and a good way to help their well-being. Equioil peppermint is really brilliant when using as a massage oil as the heating properties help with stiffness and tight muscles and as a after excerise wash has lovely cooling down properties.

Chamomile Roman

ChamomileChamomile Roman essential oil has a lovely woody aroma which is soothing and comforting, is a very good for moisturizing the skin and coat and is known for its relaxing properties. Chamomile Roman Equioil shampoo gives a winning show shine in the ring and arena.

Avold contact with eyes. If product gets inyo eyes, rinse well with warm water. This product is nut oil based and for external use only. Not to be used on open wounds. The product is made in the UK. Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil, 100% essential oils. As our product is sweet almond oil based and uses 100% pure essential oils, we recommend that should you be competing under FEI competition rules that you stop using Equioil four weeks prior to travel/competition.

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